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Quality Inspection Services

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

Pre-Production Inspection or PPI takes place after the verification process thru Audit Inspection (Physical/Factory/Social Audit), and or when the buyer and supplier agreed with the conditions of production. Performed in the preliminary stage of production, when the ordered raw material or components to make the product was delivered to the supplier’s premises, we will check condition of machinery and the delivered raw materials. This inspection service help to avoid uncertainties on the whole process of production and distinguish defects on the raw materials or components before production starts. Benefit of Pre-Production Inspection:
  • Requirements are guaranteed to be met
  • Assurance on the quality of the raw materials or components of the product
  • Have a clear view on the production process that will happen
  • Early identification of problem or risk that might occur
  • Fixing production issues early
  • Avoidance of additional cost and unproductive time
Pre-Production Inspection Services in Asia

During Production Inspection (DuPro)

Similar as PSI, inspector comes in to check semi-finished products during the mass production. During Production Inspection (DuPro) is performed at either 20%-80% of production. Randomly picked samples are inspected for full function and visual check, this service inspection will closely monitor the process to identify the possible problems that may occur while production is taking place. With this, remedies to make much better production and products itself may be applied. Benefit of During Production Inspection (DuPro):
  • Provides assured schedule on when will the products be done
  • Ensures that the supplier is complying with your desired specification
  • Give you time for adjustments on improving the product.
During Production Inspection Asia

Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Pre-Shipment Inspection is usually performed when products are produced by at least 80% or when done at 100% of the buyer’s order. From the randomly selected products, inspector will check the products physical appearance, test functions, safety precautions, transport and packing aspects. This service determines the over-all quality of goods, and by having knowledge about it buyers may choose to approved or refuse the shipping of the product. Benefit of Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI):
  • Quality verification of products/goods being shipped
  • Help with the decision on whether or not the product will be shipped
  • Gives you confidence on possible profit returns
Pre Shipment Inspection Services in Asia

Container Loading Inspection (CLI)

During this service, container will be examine to be of good condition for transport, because faulty container will put the product at risk of damages. After confirming the container’s condition, inspector will make sure that correct products together with its quality, quantity, packing and marking met the specification provided by the buyer before loading. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that ordered goods are loaded properly and completely. How you want your goods to be shipped will be our main concern, we will make sure that the goods will be delivered to you at your desired manner. Benefit of Container Loading Inspection (CLI):
  • Assurance that the product you ordered are complete before shipping
  • Goods will be handled with the utmost care
  • Good quality container for your goods will be provided
  • Verification of correct quantity of goods.
Container Loading Inspection in Asia

Setting Up Production Lines

We help to set up the production lines to improve the output and to create a better quality by finding bottlenecks and inefficient processes, as well as adjusting the overall workflow for optimized production. Benefit of Setting up Production Lines:
  • Correct the production process
  • Provides less cost and good quality production
  • Improves production process
Setting Up Production Lines