About Us

The Inspection Company

The Inspection Company Ltd. was founded in 2007 with the aim to avoid buyers risk on purchasing goods and improve the quality of products from all over Asia.

We perform professional Quality Control like Inspection Services, Factory Audit and Laboratory Testing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well for Multination Enterprises.

The developed Online Booking System provides the utmost convenience to clients when it comes to manage your products inspection. Save your products and factories on your personal online database for easy re-inspection and new projects on same factory and products.

The Inspection Company Ltd. handles each quality control services as an individual job with same priority and we evaluate a tailor made solution and service plan to fulfil your standard with developed work instructions adequate to your requirements for a specific product.

Because with us, your concerns from goods production, packing and packaging, pre-shipment to shipment is our task.

We are fully knowledgeable about the weak points in the factories, product lines, development processes, packaging and shipments. We also provide innovative and value-added services to our clients with a wide range expertise on technology, 5S and product development.

Our clients are over-sea buyers, local buying offices and factories.

The product range we covers are Consumer Electronics, Multimedia, Fabrics, Garments, Furniture, Car parts, Promotional Items, Tools, Hardware Goods, both Indoor and outdoor Decoration and many others.

We are a ONE STOP SOLTION Quality Control Service Partner to cover your whole business in all countries and different product lines in Asia.


SERA Inspection & Compliance is an inspections company focused to provide SECURITY, AGILITY and CERTAINTY to the clients and importers regarding their orders in Asia and Europe.

We offer services of inspections since the beginning of the production or monitoring the orders up to the last step and shipment.

SERA is a created through the custom brokers in Mexico to provider more and better service to its clients when it comes to import, logistics, cost reduction and safety.


A great alliance for quality and service has been built by The Inspection Company Ltd. (TIC), a trusted 3rd party Quality Control Company in Asia, and SERA Inspection & Compliance Ltd, a Mexican 3rd party service provider for inspections, compliance and brokerage services.

Two of the best companies in the service industry teamed up to bring quality at its best to our clients, with 25 local offices in Asia and South/Middle America and more than 500 highly skilled employees are ever ready to promote quality and assurance to you businesses.